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Backdoor Brides 1

Added: Jun 23, 2015 Views: 12,687

For our newly-wedded Mrs. (Brittany Stryker), the trip down the aisle is a miss by a mile. There's a lot of shoes - a lot of rice - but her groom (Rick Savage) is so nervous he says, "No dice!" It's really destroyin' - he's just too shy and just not willin' to make whoopie. Well, if the unblushing bride is nursing second thoughts about marriage to a mate who's popped nothing but the question - the reception party proves to be a bang-up success for every other member of the wedding. There's something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue in some new twists of an old tradition. Finally, for better or worse, even the groom rises to the occasion to win the day and the charms of his "Back Door Bride"

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