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Brividi Caldi Sulle Labbra Di Mia Moglie

Added: Jul 14, 2013 Views: 42,359

Ghislain Garet seems to be married to a blonde . They are apart, phoning each other and dreaming about each other and certain events, with flashbacks to them having sex. It is difficult to separate dreams from what is supposed to be real. In a dream Garet and his blonde partner drive off to the beach in their jeep. There is a yacht in the bay and here some stolen footage of Marilyn Jess having sex with Pjotr Stanislas on a yacht is inserted, as well as a girl who could well be Eva Kleber being taken vigorously from behind. Garet and wife swim out to the yacht. They had been followed by Chantal Trobert on her motorbike and she watches their activities through her binoculars. Garet tries to have anal sex, but the blonde objects and swims back to shore. She drives off in the jeep, leaving Garet stranded. The motorcyclist takes the opportunity to give him a lift. She drives him back to her place and they have sex. Then her husband arrives and she makes Garet hide in the closet. The husband finds him and shoots him in the stomach with a harpoon. Garet wakes from his nightmare.

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