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Mind Fuck

Added: Mar 29, 2013 Views: 108,662

Wife is poisoned and returns from the grave to delete her assassins with mind fuck.A bumbling ninja/thief unwittingly lets loose a dangerous curse when robbing a wealthy man’s crib. Rich Guy employs a black magic sorcerer to try to contain and control the hex for his own nefarious purposes, while Rich Guy’s wife is recruited by a monk to help stop the spread of the curse. The Wife gets in the way of Rich Guy’s plan and hatches a (successful) scheme to have her offed. Bumbling Ninja/Thief comes along again, this time to steal from the newly deleted corpse of Rich Guy’s wife, and inadvertently raises her from the deleted, at which point Corpse Wife offers Ninja/Thief a deal – she will spare his soul if he helps her defeat Rich Guy and Evil Sorcerer. Oh…and there’s some hardcore sex scenes thrown in for good measure too…

Director: Mah Wu Tu

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