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Hard Choices

Added: Oct 21, 2010 Views: 38,346

Lusty Professor Andrew Thompson is about to marry a delicious young cream puff named Bonnie. But before he does, some of his former students are going to put him through an avalanche of hot, Hard Choices! First there's Denise - who "had" the professor in college, and would like another torrid taste. Then there's gorgeous Evelyn - the homecoming queen who needs her pom-poms twirled. Meggie and Gabby (who's developed a peculiar habit!) get an "A" for their debauched dildo cramming. And even little Bonnie takes on a stiff stud in a case of erotic indecision. At the end, when the music plays "Here Comes the Bride," you'll wonder... "who hasn't!!!"

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