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Divorce Court Expose 2

Added: Mar 12, 2011 Views: 74,785

When court is not in session, which is to say, when we're watching flashbacks during someone's testimony, this tape offers some pretty fine sex, much of it compliments big busty and lustful Elle Rio, who's a wicked stranger in bed. Unfortunately, the overlongand not very funny courtroom drama that takes up most of the total time is a real trial to sit through. Rather than working as a parody of Divorce Court, Divorce Court Expose II is practically a copy of the real thing — but grim. The trial scenes have so few funny lines and are so longwinded and boring it's criminal! Siobhan Hunter, for example, has a beautiful, sexy speaking voice — but she gets to use it so much, spouting endless dull questions as an attorney, that you're screaming for her to shut up and do something. For some reason, it worked much better in Divorce Court Expose, Part 1.Playing this as an out and out comedy instead of a documentary would have made this a minor masterpiece. As it is, there's no hung jury on the sex — it's unanimously guilty! (That means good!) An oiled-down trio (Elle, Breezy Lane and another big-chested woman) with sex-aids, while Buddy Love, as the seedy, soon-to-be-divorced adulterer looks on, gets the erotic gavel. Elle Rio's scene with the besieged husband (she's one of his many hookers) is good enough to annul your marriage.There aren't any technical problems either — some of the camera work is excellent, in fact. It's just the script, which moves so slow it must've been written by the Supreme Court.

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