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Black Nurse Fantasies

Added: May 25, 2011 Views: 218,842

Only two out of five scenes deliver any sexual heat here, and the rest are strictly by-the-numbers. On top of that disappointing average, the lighting is terrible, the set-ups inane, the dialogue painfully garbled. We've said it again and again – if you can't be bothered to write a script or to ensure that it can be understood in delivery, then don't bother, just give us the sex. And a white girl who's a black wannabe? Is that lame or what? At leat this airhead (Annabelle Dane) is relegated to an obligatory Pachard toilet scene with Sean Michaels, nearly invisible due to poor lighting.Heat rises from the opener with T.T. Boy taking on a Diana Ross-lookalike. The pair run through an impressive series of positions: deep throat, standing fucking, reverse cowgirl, bendover, and sprawled on the desktop – good stuff, and she looks great in white lace. Toy, of the titanic tits and thunder thighs, throws a threeway with zomboid patient Alex Sanders and Tom Chapman. Toy flops out her giant boobs for some titfucking, and thent Alex and Tom tag-team drill her, until they douse her from eyebrows to pussy in a flood of cum. A weird and unsatisfying threeway has Janet Jacme and Starr Damone dress T.T. in panties and red hose, then for no special reason they don rubber gloves to do him. Starr is all show and no go, as Janet is the only girl who moves here.A flaccid girl/girler ends this mess, and we've pontificated on that mistake before, too. We expect better from Pachard.

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