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Bruce Seven’s Favorite Endings

Added: Jun 23, 2015 Views: 42,396 Compilation

If you really like butts as much as I do, you’re gonna love this tape! It’s the best bun licking, dildo slamming and finger popping action from some of our most popular releases! Personally, viewing a well done compilation tape is one of my favorite things to do. The problem is that “compilation” tapes, in general, are poorly done. If you know ELEGANT ANGEL then you know our goal is to give you the very best… EVERY RELEASE! The only way to make this tape really special was to re-edit all of the original footage from an entirely new perspective. For this, I hired Michael Cates, (one of the best in the industry) to re-edit from the original camera masters (Bruce Seven did the original edits). Not only does this give you a whole new look, it also gives you footage that wasn’t in the original release (we always shoot too much!). Also, each scene has been re-scored. And to make it even better, we shot a whole new scene with Tianna, Bionca and Heather Hart that is nastiness in all its glory!! On top of all this, you get 19 of the NAUGHTIEST, NIPPLE SUCKING, CLIT LICKING, HOTTEST LOOKING GIRLS in XXX!! — Doing what they love to do!

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