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Holiday for Angels

Added: Jun 27, 2010 Views: 92,280

Holiday For Angels starts off with a very interesting premise: It's Christmas time, and Santa decides who gets what gift by watching people have sex and determining whether they're "naughty or nice." His elf (Randy West) hires two temps (Stacey Donovan and Jessica Wylde) to push the buttons and help decide who's good and who's bad. It's a fun plot, not to mention seasonal, but there's one small snag. The sex scenes that the girls watch are old snippets from various porn videos. Christmas is the season to be giving, not taking from old movies. So anyone who expects to see all-new action better look under some other tree. Fortunately, the segments which were picked for "spying" purposes are rather steamy. There are a couple of anal segments, an orgy (with Stacey Donovan watching herself perform in an old loop), and a sizzling encounter between Harry Reems and Angel. There is one new scene thrown in for good measure, with Stacey and Jessica rewarding each other as Randy West walks in and joins in the holiday fun. This video offers hot sex. Still, one can't help but want newer material. However, if you're not too discerning, Holiday For Angels will have you off and winging to a merry old time.

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