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An Unnatural Act

Added: Jan 10, 2012 Views: 59,995

If this first offering from Dreamland Home Video is any indication of the quality of future releases, then it’s time for the porn viewer to rejoice. Adult video has never been such fun. For An Unnatural Act is a great film that also happens to be a great pornographic one. It’s an adult tale, sort of like Kiss Me Goodbye meets Heaven Can Wait, detailing how “in” ghosts really are. Michael (John Leslie), a musician who idolizes Bogart, is in love with Teri (Desiree Lane), a would-be actress who idolizes Michael. When these two have sex, it is evident how much they care; for there is laughing and kissing and much pleasure. This is accomplished by the talents of Leslie, who has never been more exciting, and the natural and naive presence of Lane. What a welcome surprise!

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