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Brat On The Run

Added: Aug 21, 2007 Views: 61,165

Jamie Summers has a beautiful body. And as the blonde Brat, she's creating a sexual bimbo worthy of the series that Vivid Video seems to be developing for her. In this volume, she's frigid, trendy and hooked on bad TV. Her yoga instructor tells her to become celibate, so horny husband Tom Byron picks up newcomer Nikki Nights for a night of nookey, viewed by Jamie's nosey hairdresser. Summers thinks her husband is a scum and leaves Byron, looking to find the meaning of life from guru Mike Homer (a role he played well in Nymphette). Byron, meanwhile, enlists the aid of private eye Samantha Spade (Shanna McCullough), who can't understand why Byron would want to find this vapid woman of coldness. Lo and behold, Summers really is a sexual dynamo, first with Byron (in a very funny scene), then in a lesbo tub, followed by the ravaging of Horner and fellow Ghandi Shone Taylor and finally with Byron and McCullough. All of those scenes (and others) mesh well for a solid sexvid viewing, with decent acting from everyone except Byron. He's outstanding here, and deserves special mention above the rest of the cast. The editing, videography and opening theme song (sure sounds a lot like David Clayton Thomas, Sweat and Tears) all help make this an erotic video worth seeing...especially if you like Jamie Summers.

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