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The Girl with the Hungry Eyes

Added: Dec 6, 2009 Views: 22,269

With her thick European accent, Rene Tiffany hires artist Dino Alexander to pain sexual portraits of herself and some friends for her new apartment. That’s the excuse for this wall-to-wall sexual videocassette, directed with some style by Jonathan Burroughs. As usual, Amber Lynn explodes with intense eroticism, as in her wild scene with Rene Tiffany, the best in The Girl With The Hungry Eyes. Mindy Rey, 18-years old and quite sexy, gets it on with Dino Alexander in another exciting scene and plenty of female masturbation and varied combinations spice this one up. It there’s a drawback, Burroughs lets his sex scenes go on a bit too long and the rather small cast can grow tiresome to the jaded viewer. But let’s give credit to some performers who convey that they really love what they do for a living.

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