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Hot Body Competition: Maximum Exposure Contest

Added: May 6, 2018 Views: 5,671

Join Hot Body as we travel to the Great Northwest for the Maximum Exposure Contest. Shot on location at Divas(now the Hot Body Club) in Eugene, Oregon, we easily prove that there's more to the region than lumber mills and big foot sightings. Watch as13 beautiful girl next door types (if you reside adjacent to a strip club) take the stage and proceed to live up to the show's title. The behind the scenes footageis extremely revealing as the contestants share their unbridled enthusiasm. Crystal, Kate, River, Kalani, Tristen, Sugaree, Brandee, Mariah, Karyn, Ashlee, Mallory Knoxx,Carson and Faith put on a very unrestrained competition. You be the judge. This show will do more for the �wood� business than any loggers convention you'd care to attend

Categories: Softcore Big Boobs

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