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College Coeds

Added: Aug 26, 2017 Views: 4,710

Thirty years ago the adult film contained in this package shocked and disgusted even the most jaded porno fans of the time. It’s blatant sexuality proved to be so controversial, the producers were compelled to change the title to COLLEGE COED. Although HISTORIC EROTICA recently released it to a modern audience with it’s original title intact, we have been astounded to find out that even today the subject matter (HINT: The lady dressed in black and white is committed to a marriage literally made in heaven) is considered “SO SHOCKING”, we were unable to print the original title. However, the print itself is uncensored and when you purchase this classic, you will see intact the ultimate sin committed by a young woman and her lover. Is it sacrilegious or simply too hot for society to handle? You be the judge!

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