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Como Consolar Viuvas

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In Sao Paulo, the playboy Aquiles is completely bankrupted, with the legal officer and the police officer knocking on his front door charging his debts. However, his loyal butler Vitorio protects him telling that he is not in the apartment. When Aquiles reads on the newspaper that the three son-in-laws of the wealthy Leocardio are missing in a plane crash, Vitorio tells that he knows the family since he had a love affair with the housemaid Marieta. The widows Dina, Bebe and Lena live a reclusive life with their father and their repressive Aunt Dada and are horny. Aquiles decides to visit them during the night disguised as the ghosts of their husbands Juju, Lalau and Danuzio to lure them and get easy money for him. However, when the three women get pregnant, their father summons a doctor that is puzzled with the mystery and suggests Leocardio to invite Father Levedo to exorcise the ghosts…

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