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La bonzesse

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La bonzesse is a light soft porn erotic film, directed by Francois Jouffa and staring the gifted French film writer Sylvie Matton, who with her husband Charles Matton, wrote the excellent film “La lumiere des etoiles morteszzzz’. Filmed in Paris and Sri Lanka, the movie has a pleasant look that enhances the faux seriousness parodied.:The highlight of the movie is Matton, then known as Sylvie Meyer playing a young woman on “a spiritual journey from sexual bohemia to Buddhist nun. The central scene is a long shearing of M. Matton’s hair and the shaving of her head as her character renounces sexual pleasure for the monastic life. Of course, the head shaving is the central erotic feature of the movie. Yet, the film is elegant in its way and well worth seeing, even if female baldness is not your fetish.

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