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Corridas de alegria

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CORRIDAS DE ALEGRIA is best described as a combination of the key elements lending momentum to VIVIR EN SEVILLA and FRENTE AL MAR: The film possesses the (self-) conscious, crude structure of the former, originating from various aesthetic concerns, as well as the articulate, episodic structure of the latter. The story reads like a distinctive film noir inspired by a buddy movie: The first thing Miguel wants to do after escaping from prison is to find his girlfriend Diana. The next thing is to settle certain open accounts. Javier, a rather eccentric gambler, wants to be of assistance. The structure of the film reminds of a road movie that is in no particular hurry to arrive at its destination. The title, again, insinuates an exercise in eroticism – though the film definitely reveres women with passionate fervour. On the other hand, the easygoing, comedic note struck by the film was not necessarily expected: While cinema is taken seriously here, life in itself is not – which is correct. Thus, CORRIDAS DE ALEGRIA is not the story of an escape but of a joyful sprint towards the future.

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