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A Noite das Taras

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Three sailors land in the Santos port after four months at sea and head to Sao Paulo. (1) “A Carta de Erico” (“The Letter from Erico”) The first sailor brings a letter from a man named Erico that he had stumbled upon in an alley in Porto Alegre. He arrives at the address in Sao Paulo and knocks on the door but nobody answers. He recalls that Erico had told him to insist since it would be very important to see the person. Meanwhile in the apartment, the depressed Ms. Cibele Marcondes is ready to commit suicide. The sailor opens the door, has sex with the disconsolate woman and saves her. When she opens the envelope, there is only a blank piece of paper. What they do not know is the Erico is probably a guard angel that has protected Cibele. (2) “Peixe Fora d’Agua” (“Fish out of Water”) The second sailor cruises in a gay bar and two men beat him up…

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