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Petra will es ceil

Added: Dec 6, 2016 Views: 13,320

Alain Gr?vin (an art book publisher) and his wife Monique are expecting friends for the evening, and as they have half an hour to spare, this is just right time for a husband to give his wife a proper shave and massage. No time to lose! Somebody rings at the door. It is Elisabeth, Bernards fianc?e. She s ahead of time because shes laddered her tights and needs another pair. Most of us have now nderstood that Monique is the perfect host and nobodys surprised when she takes the young woman to her bedroom to help her solve the problem. When Alain offers to help the girl putting her new tights on, she faints and Monique immediately seizes the opportunity to help her husband make the best out of a fainted prudish girl on a hot evening...

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