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Dinner Party 2

Added: Mar 23, 2016 Views: 20,791

Guess whos coming to dinner! Or, better still guess whats being served . . . a smorgasbord of sexual delights. Sushi isnt the only raw meat being served up at this upscale bash! In Scene 2, six buxom babes devour one big black hunk and his swollen cock just as an appetizer. Watch as these revelers shake and bake and partake of all the delicacies they can consume in one session. Follow the camera as it wends its way through this opulent setting intruding upon encounter after encounter during this posh soiree filled with revelers seeking sustenance for the mind, body, and soul. The festivities are topped off with dessert of the human kind . . . a free-for-all sexual orgy sure to satisfy the most discerning connoisseur of the pleasures of the flesh.

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