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Lady X 2 (Lady Winter et la CIA)

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  • Year: 1985
  • Country: n/a
  • Language: French
  • Duration: 59 min
Isabelle [6] plays the guest with the black beretNathalie Idoux as? plays the maid, Natalie,Olinka Hardiman plays Lady WinterI have the American release, though it may be an incomplete version - the picture disappears from the tape abruptly at 66 minutes, though this is not an unusual lenght for Benazeraf films of the time.The cast on the American box cover includes Evelyne Graux and Fabienne Parc, but one of the above two is Nathalie Idoux playing the maid Natalie, so they may be fake names invented for the American release and are therefore not included in the database. The other is a bleached blonde with fine wavy hair and some facial similarities to Roxanne Hall (XNK0054 perhaps).Eric Dray (Eric Peyrolles) plays one of a visiting coupleGabriel Pontello plays Lord WinterPjotr Stanislas play a guest (briefly)One male (Pjotr Stanislas) and one female have bit parts in a party scene. The female is Eva Kleber and if so, from the way she looks, the original release date (or shooting date) could have been earlier.A couple visit Lord and Lady Winter, arriving while Olinka and Gabriel Pontello are having sex on the couch. Then all have sex in various combinations around the villa and among the rocks on the beach, ending in a small orgy after the obligatory Olinka dance and strip.The setting and cast have similarities to other Benazeraf/Olinka films and I suspect he shot a lot of stuff at once and chopped it up in various combinations to make semi-coherhent films of about an hour each.

Actress: Eva Kleber

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