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Perversions En Chaine

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Perversions en chaîne has Beccarie Porno as an alternate title (probably a sort of tribute to Claudine's true involvement in the action). She plays Marlène who comes from Berlin, and travels alone in France looking for a job.She soon gets acquainted with a man (Alban Ceray) who offers to help her. They even sooner fall into each other's arms and underwear. He takes her home and quickly turns out to be the violent sort. Meanwhile, she masturbates in his bathroom where he joins her for more action (notice her hair has become shorter!), before taking her to the living-room (where her hair has returned to its original state!).Marlène becomes the perfect little loving housewife taking care of the home naked under her apron. But the man is jealous and suspects her of having intercouse with the postman, which is enough to put him in a rage and drives him to smack her nice housewife's bottom. Unexpectedly, she likes it and declares she loves being hit.One day, bored of staying alone in the flat, she takes a walk and meets a man (Jean-Louis Vattier) who takes her to his place. No need to have a college degree to guess what's happening next! But after their close encounter of the sex kind, she understands that this was only a passing occasion.Back home "Alban C" throws her out after an ill-performed fellatio. She is once again alone in the street...Then another man pops up, who (guess what!) offers to help her. The real nice guy! She soon joins him in bed and they both appreciate the moment. He is taken aback when she tells him she loves being hit but since this is a requirement for her staying with him, he reluctantly accepts. When, the next day, she goes back to "Alban C", he is out and she leaves her new address at a bar for him. For some unclear reason, she gives a lift to Paris to a woman, Nadège (Joséphine Vassal), who takes her to her place and introduces her to her lover. Marlène suggests stripping for him and dances naked in front of him for three minutes until Nadège reappears and reaps all the benefits after putting Marlène aside and having her own suggestion of lesbian love turned down. Marlène's nice new boyfriend tells her he has to leave for a few days for his job, and needs the car. Marlène meets a man (Jacques Marbeuf) in a bar and takes him to her place (pretending she's some sort of prostitute I gather). Very tender and sincere scene for those who understand French. But he refuses to submit to her maso desires. She steals his briefcase and drives him to hit her. He realises he has been tricked and leaves the room.On her boyfriend's return she tells him about everything and threatens to walk out on him unless he accepts her ways. He agrees to this.Marlène meets Charlie Schreiner in the street who introduces her to one of his friends. They agree on meeting again in the evening for a party at her place. The friend will come with his girlfriend (Eva Anderson). Later, Marlène and her lover welcome "Charlie S" and his two friends. Marlène starts out the evening with a strip-tease for all (wish my friends were like that!) and soon gets the other girl to dance naked with her. Her lover gets annoyed and hits her. She leaves the room and he asks his hosts to submit to Marlène's wishes, whatever they are. When she comes back and violently orders them to spank her, they proceed and she doesn't fake rapture. Now she is ready for lovemaking but the ensuing foursome seems to have been abridged.Nadège's lover thanks the others for their help.Later, she leaves her lover by the side of the road and speeds away to the middle of nowhere (the woods actually) where she painfully dies after swallowing pills. Sad ending for a film in which Claudine Beccarie shows all her talent (and taste?) for stripping, masturbating and even acting. She also really seems to enjoy getting spanked and we may wonder whether that's acting or more.

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