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L'amour Chez Les Poids-Lourds

Added: Nov 28, 2015 Views: 22,483

This is not a particularly good movie, but it is certainly an interesting one. It's a modern-day version of "Odysseus" with the Odysseus character, "Eugene" (played by director Pallardy ) as a long-haul trucker who becomes lost in the desert after his horny partner is lured away by beautiful lesbian "sirens". They both end up at the villa of a woman name Calypso (played African-American actress Ajita Wilson) who takes them in, but insists that our hero have sex with her several times a day (poor guy). Eventually, they get away, but still have a long journey home as they encounter highwaymen and a very unattractive but VERY amorous one-eyed female bartender. Meanwhile, back home Eugene's wife "Pamela" (Elizabeth Turner) runs a truck stop where she is besieged by horny truckers wanting her sexual favors, so she delays them by holding various "contests", like seeing how long the men can watch two of her attractive friends go at it without getting physically aroused.

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