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Corps De Chasse

Added: Nov 29, 2015 Views: 13,715

It is a Michel Ricaud movie, he was very realistic and raw in shooting action scenes, and he uses to shoot very sordid situations. I think it's worth to be post even if it is not the kind of porn that I like, first because Ricaud is one of the main directors of French porn of the 80-90ties, he was rewarded with 3 “Hot d’Or” (= Oscar in French porn business) (not for this movie) and also because the film testifies of a certain male aggressiveness and stupidity that is still actual in the human race. It is not bad nor offending, the raw moments are very short, it is like a real short news item (fait divers), just be aware that it is not usual classic porn.

Actress: Marie Christine

Actors: Andre Kay

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