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Cailles Sur Canape

Added: Jan 7, 2016 Views: 23,902

Richard, a young employee, writes a very hot porn novel during the evenings and even sometimes during his office hours. He has 2 neighbors, 2 girls : one he is legendly in love with, Françoise a very serious woman and a second one, Daisy a very hot woman having a lot of male visits, who shocks him. In fact both are the same woman. In addition, his 2 female colleagues (legendaries?), who have some lesbian behavior, are crazy about sex and try to arouse François, discover his novel and decide to give him a visit, just when he is trying to explain to Françoise that he likes her… Finally, all is well that ends well, Richard and Françoise/Daisy start a great love story and have good sex together and the 2 colleagues have an orgy with Daisy’s visitors.

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