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Les Caresses Perverses

Added: Dec 31, 2015 Views: 19,165

When Maria (Zante), the assistant to professor Rhesus, is caught having sex with another assistant, she is fired. Together with Max and his wife they steal the professor's latest potion, by means of a female blonde spy Evelyne. This potion creates a comic effect on the user's voices; so the professor and his assistant are took to produce an anti-potion. Max's wife calls for her Mafia family to punish Max's stupidity. They 'torture' their victims by letting loose two dangerous women (Quénie and Moraru) who tickle and lick the feet of their 'victims'. Tired of all the feetlicking, they set out to lick some other body parts of the professor. At the end there is the birthday party of the Mafia leader Jean. The anti-potion, distributed by Maria, causes everyone to become crazy. End!

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