Kimberly Carson: 4 Pack

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Flesh & Ecstacy: Harold Lime the producer of such classics as Amanda By Night, Doctor Desire, The Ecstacy Girls, Society Affairs, Coed Fever, and Desires within Young Girls presents his latest hit... Flesh And Ecstacy! Coming In Style: What goes on behind the doors of a swanky beauty salon? You'll find everyone's Coming In Style as this horny tale of carnal comb-outs unravels! Sidney the hairdresser works on stiffs (in a funeral palor, that is!) until his friend, David gets him to move uptown. Why? So Sidney can use his talents on David's girls. Summer Camp Girls: School's out, The days are warm and the nights are longer and Hot! Join beautiful Shauna Grant and her girlfriends as they head for the lake for some summer long camping activities that no real camp counselor ever dreamed of! These girls are into the kind of sports where it isn't whether they win or lose, it's who gets off the most! So grab a canoe and paddle and a soft blanket because these chicks won't need a bonfire to keep you up and hot all night! Dr. Truth's Great Sex: Dr. Truth is waiting for you to join in the most daringly uninhibited, and physically arousing sex sessions ever. Her therapy guarantees you off into a world of unsurpassed lust and ecstacy. Her advice is pure unadulterated vice as she personally demonstrates every sex act known to man and woman (and some you never knew about): analism, masturbation, cunnilinggus, fellatio, every position, every combination, every way out technique!

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