Tracey Adams: 4 Pack

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The Hard Core Cafe:Two adventurous young couples, touring Europe, accidentally meet and join together to see the gleamy, sexy spot not in the guidebooks. This leads them to the infamous, notorious "Hard-Core Cafe", a cabaret in the midst of the wildest red light district, broadcasting the finest in erotic entertainment!Dream Lovers:Michelle and John (Nina Hartley and Steven Drakee) live in a house that's possesed by a sexual enigma. Anytime or any where, your wildest erotic fantasy can materialize in front of you! Michelle's Dream lover eight balls her on the pool table, while John joins sexy Sharon Mitchell and her gluttonous girlfriend for a ghostly gang-bang. With the arrival of Leslie (Tracey Adams), the amorous apparitions escalate for an unparalled series of sexual encounters. So, spend a night in this house of Dream Lovers. Your hair won't be the only thing standing on end,,, when you experience this hot haunting!The Baroness:A beautiful all- American girl all rock group called "The Kuntz" find themselves in Europe at the invitation of a mysterious baroness. On the way to her residence, a spooky castle in a forest, they are waylayed by various male and female villagers.

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