Heisse Locher, geile Stecher

Added: May 24, 2007 Views: 8,100

A skinny, smug office girl talks to the camera while sitting at a seaside restaurant and tells about how she rented an apartment only to find a couple of camera's in the bedroom. So, she called the previous owner to hear her side of the story, meaning the bulk of the picture is a flashback within a flashback. I'll warn you right now that the previous owner, Marietta Stechmuller (Martina Roll), is less good looking than the one who opens the film, and when we finally arrive back where we started from near the end, number one turns out to look better with her clothes on than off. What a waist. Now that I think about it, this 'framework story' might just have been added at the last minute when they found out the film was running 15 minutes short. So. In case you're still not convinced you should Skip this one, Marietta is a hardworking hooker who likes to record and watch her escapades back, not to sell them or blackmail her clients, just to watch them back with her girlfriend. She also enjoys talking to the camera when there's nobody else around. The first thing she does on camera on the toilet, then have a bath in yellow water. Sheesh.

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