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Backdoor To Hollywood 3

Added: Oct 5, 2013 Views: 20,466

Sharon tries to tell her husband, Scott, how tired she is of the casting couch sessions. He doesnt seem to care and turns her onto an adult tape to watch. Sharon conjures up Jennifer, right out of the tape to act as her magnetic fairy godmother. Jennifer explains to Sharon that she has to take the bull by his horn to get control of her life as an actress. Together, they magically view other girls whom Jennifer has helped. First, they look in on Suzie. Suzie meets with Robert, a producer, who takes her all the way on his couch. He knocks on Suzies back door and she opens it wide for his pleasure.

Director: Ron Jeremy

Actress: Tanya Fox Anal , Viper Anal Bald DP , Fallon Anal , Tiffany Storm

Actors: Jon Dough , Ed Navarro

Categories: Anal Bald DP Latin

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