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Tickled Pink

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As to the producers' self-censoring of the possible KP material, there really isn't much missing. Aside from Tasha meeting Bernie at the door, and the very beginning of her striptease, her scenes are complete (in my copy, her sex scenes are limited to the orgy scenes toward the end). It is never explicitly stated that Tasha's character is hard, or a Girl Scout... there are no insignia on her clothes, the cookies are not GS brand. I do wonder if something is missing plotwise, however, as she and Bernie seem to know each other when she arrives at the door, ("You!!" "Hiya, Bernie!") even though we haven't seen her in the film before this point. If it was an edit, my guess is that the edit was done before the film was released, as this copy seems to have all the missing scenes and meets the 81 minutes runtime.

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