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Revenge of the Cheerleaders

Added: Nov 3, 2017 Views: 25,741

Sex-crazed cheerleaders of Aloha High (Jerri Woods, Patrice Rohmer, Susie Elene, Penthouse Pet Helen Lang and drive-in goddess Cheryl “Rainbeaux” Smith) who spend their days and nights raising the spirits of the boy’s basketball team. But when the girls discover a plot by the evil developers to condemn their beloved school, they strike back with a plan that includes high-protein breakfast shakes, staff-laden lunches, locker room orgies, giant dinosaurs and a secret weapon for winning the big game. All rules–and uniforms–are officially off: This is REVENGE OF THE CHEERLEADERS

Actress: J. Woods , Rebecca Smyth

Actors: E. Gale , C. Ballantine

Categories: Softcore

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