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Cris Cassidy

  • AKA: Buffy Stevens, Chris Cassidy, Connie Conasse, Criss Cassidy, Kris Kassidy, Martina Holland, Montana, Montana Brent, Montana Station, Monti Stevens, Suzanne Meyers, Suzanne Myers, Suzanne Wright, Suzett Holland, Suzette Holland
  • Biography: Porn Star Chris Cassidy was one of the original hard-charging blondes of hardcore. Her over-heated need for sex made her one of the most popular women in the biz, although she didn't get quite as many starring roles as her sizzling talent indicated. Her hard-boiled attitude got her lots of roles as hookers and strumpets on sex benders, which were perfect for the wanton sexual aura that she emanated. Chris Cassidy was one of the better actresses during her stay in the biz, although she rarely got a chance to show it. Chris Cassidy's first porn appearance was in 1978's 'Sex World.' Over the next ten years she established herself as one of the most sex-mad women in the business, getting herself into one wild sexual situation after another. There was nothing that Chris Cassidy wouldn't do, an attitude that got her plenty of work and plenty of fans. Her poolroom romp in 'Garage Girls' is just one example of her lusty mania. Or look at her sizzling three-way in 'Seka's Fantasies' or her funny and sexy greenhouse tryst with Turk Lyon in 'Hot Rackets' for more evidence of her smoldering on-screen appeal. Chris Cassidy left the business in 1988, although she made a few one-shot appearances in the early 90's. Chris Cassidy was one of the fore-runners of today's do-anything blonde strumpets, none of whom is any hotter than she was twenty years ago.
  • Birthday: April 8
  • Astrology: Aries
  • Birthplace: n/a
  • Years Active: 1969 - 2007
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality/Heritage: n/a
  • Hair Color: Blond
  • Measurements: 34D-26-33
  • Height: 160
  • Weight: 57
  • Tattoo: No
  • Piercing: Yes (Right nipple)
  • Frequent partners: Blair Harris, John Holmes, John Leslie, John Seeman, Paul Thomas
  • Website: n/a

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