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Candys Kleine Schwester Zucker

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Ariel Knight plays Sugar, a beautiful blonde whose uncle died and left her half of his vast fortune. This money would solve all of Sugar's problems and help her make her dreams come true, but according to uncle's will Sugar could receive her inheritance only together with her girl Candy who had been missing for years. Sugar decides to do whatever it takes to find her girl, and this is when her unbelievable adventure starts. The last one to see Candy was her agent Johnny, played by John Leslie, who sends Sugar to the last place where Candy worked, Madame Zenobia's Palace of Pleasure. Sugar has to get through a lot of sex adventures including lesbian action, threesomes, blowjobs and even a real wild orgy to get some information about her missing girl. Will Sugar find Candy and receive her inheritance? Watch this great 1980s porn movie to find out!

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