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Last X-rated Movie 4

Added: Aug 23, 2017 Views: 3,866

Sex and the movies…Beyond the eye of the X-rated lens… The REAL story of those sensual shockwaves where flesh meets fantasy.:The fourth and final installment of Cecil Howard’s erotic epic – The Last X-Rated Movie. Sexually tormented Director Walter Erhardt becomes so confused between fantasy and reality he can’t tell which is which. Stacey Donovan is featured in this installment as a nymph grifter who tests the limits of Erhardt’s already shaky grasp on reality. A smart and witty screenplay from Anne Randall coupled with stellar performances from Edwards, Donovan and Kane make this fourth installment the most striking of the series. The movie culminates with a “porn starlets on parade” montage that is not to be missed.

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