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Anal Commander

Added: Jun 2, 2012 Views: 22,460

As the 18th century French philosopher once referred to those who lead lives of quiet desperation, he must have had a premonition of folks trying to get a bank loan (and laid) in the late 20th century. Marc Wallice is in charge of dolloping out the goodies at his local S&L (sounds like a Ron Jeremy plot from a couple of months ago) and Wallice knows people will do most anything to get one. That the title of this video is as irrelevant as its contents is to bank procedure, shouldn't stop you from enjoying this lusty, pooper poker. Rachel Ryan is in top notch form, and outside of the banal and generic non-analer between Miss Pomodoro and an unbilled Butch Williams, the scenes feature long, hard butt pounding and high intensity moaning. Gee, you'd think some of these girls are enjoying it. Avalon's two scenes are particularly noteworthy.

Director: Jane Waters

Actress: Rachel Ryan Anal , Miss Pomodoro Facial , Avalon

Actors: Tom Byron , Marc Wallace , Peter

Categories: Facial Anal

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