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Foxy Lady 1

Added: Jul 28, 2012 Views: 51,831

Legendary Teresa Orlowski plays Foxy Lady, an incredibly lustful and insatiable woman with a great taste and stunning looks. She just can't stop thinking of sex, and when even her best sex toys can't satisfy her lust she goes out to find a man. Any man. In fact, men are nothing more than meaty cocks to Foxy Lady, mere tools to get her to cloud nine. Today she picks up a guy whose car broke in the middle of the road. She offers him a ride, but he has no idea what ride she really means... And this is only the first story in this amazing compilation! Each and every story in this great 80s porn video is so full of passion and lust, you'll never be able to forget those fantastic and raunchy sex scenes including group fucking and hot DP.

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