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Lass jucken, Kumpel 2: Das Bullenkloster

Added: Apr 18, 2017 Views: 28,820

W. German seventies softcore tried all sorts of scenic landscapes to keep the genre fresh, and in this little outing they tell a tale of the horny handed menschen of the Ruhr valley and their lusting for the local frauleins. All the men are coal-miners and all the women are willing. But in this stuff, they always are- ready to strip for action at the flicker of a moustache.:Anyway, the Ruhr valley is not quite the Alps, and gives it a bit of a dull backdrop (sun and mountains don’t half beat slag heaps and rain…). That said, the women are all natural and deliciously mufftastic, and at least the director had the basic understanding that softcore works best when it is not all bump and grind.:So plenty to feast your eyes on, plenty of FFN, not much plot but a reasonable example of a well-worn oeuvre…

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