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The True Way

Added: Feb 21, 2016 Views: 9,300

The True Way by a cowled bullshit artist guru and his masked minions Eternal peace is promised. A piece of ass is delivered. Divest yourself of all your garments and let your pure naked being become one with the universe, says the guru which, apparently, translates as a girls gotta suck a lotta cock. The next level of consciousness involves sitting on a lotta cock. Turns out, its all a scam set up by some frustrated guys in order to get themselves laid. Hey, guys, whatever it takes, right? Besides, Amy is played by MAGGIE WILLIAMS and Suzy is BRIGITTE MAIER, and both become one with the universe with such pornographic brio as to get a rise out of the most jaded consciousness. The Deviate went right out and bought himself a cowl and is planning to open The Temple of Deviancy any day now. Are you ready for TheTrue Way? Uh...yup!

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