Sorority Sex Kittens # 3

Added: Oct 2, 2014 Views: 6,530

It's erotic. It's epic. It's eclectic. It's Jim Holliday's gran finale' to his best-selling, highly acclaimed SORORITY SEX KITTENS series. Frat Guys have mysteriously been disappearing for 40 years from Losdt River College...Upsilon Sigma Sorority has been suspected...and now, finally, the mystery is revealed. SORORITY SEX KITTENS Part 3: The Final Chapter is packed with an all-star cast that reads like the Who's Who in in adult entertainment, with more action scenes than you can possibly shake your stick at in one sitting. Above all, you'll marvel at the unbelievable ending with T.T. Boy and thirty girls in a scene that will go down in the annals of X-Rated history as one of the most spectacular ever shot. Talk about a climax...

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